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Is it Love or Control

Verbal abuse/control in a marriage has no boundaries.  It extends through every socio-economic status, culture, and gender.  The effects begin as so subtle, and continue to escallate over time.  Many victims begin to feel confused, question their own judgement, and their own capabilities.

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Rooting Out Negativity

Or maybe it’s someone who just oozes negativity.  You know the type… they just have a harshness about them.  Maybe it’s a critical spirit.  Where does it come from??? Would you be shocked to discover that it’s all in what you say and even think?

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Concerned about Nightmares

Should you be? Have you awakened from a dream with your heart racing and in a cold sweat? Were you terrified? Are nightmares effecting your life and the quality of your sleep? When you dream, do you see people who you know, but they don’t act or really look like …

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Speech Affects our Future Events

Have you ever said “I’m getting a cold”? What about “I’m just not good at things like that”? Or the ever popular “You are driving me nuts!” Do you want to be sick? Do you not want to succeed or become more proficient at things? Do you want mental illness …

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