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Parents be Wary of “Charlie Charlie Challenge”

Adults and children world-wide are playing the newest game sensation called, “Charlie, Charlie Challenge”.  The danger?  It involves summoning evil spirits. While many parents may find such games that are similar to the ouija board harmless, spiritually they are not, and what can happen is indeed real.  No person should …

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Majority of Irish Voters Said Yes to Same-Sex Marriage

The votes are in, and it’s official… Ireland is the fist country to vote in favor of same-sex marriage. Ireland is home to 4.6 million casted its ballots yesterday in a referendum that decided whether a marriage redefining amendment to the constitution would be instituted.  70% of Irish voters voted …

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Josh Duggar Resigns from Family Research Council Due to Molestation Accusations

United States- Josh Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting resigned from the Family Research Council after molestation charges were publicly revealed. A police report obtained by TMZ uncovered allegations of molestation beginning in 2002.  The accusations are of molesting five girls (inappropriate touching) which include some of his sisters. In …

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Sen. Ted Cruz Says Gay Marriage is a Threat to Religious Freedom

*Tashman, Brian, “Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage is the Greatest Threat to Religious Freedom in American History”; Rightwingwatch.org; 5/14/2015; Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is the Republican presidential candidate, believes that the gay “jihad” may lead to the imprisonment of pastors and put an end to free speech in America. In …

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Is Satan Taking More Souls Than Christ?

It has been noted based on current research, on many news stations (CBC National last night) and in media in general that Christianity is declining in North America. The National did a balanced report yesterday (Religion in Canada: Are We Godless?) investigating whether faith is indeed on a decline in …

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Martin Luther King’s Grand-daughter Gives Tear-Jerking Thoughts on Abortion

Taken from Christian Newswire, posted May 8, 2015. It was submitted by Leslie Palma, and the subsequent excerpt was submitted by Alveda King, who was the grand-daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King. “My mother was not only angry in 1950. She was pregnant and scared; seeking a D&C. Thank God …

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