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Seeking Our Way to Prosperity

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 How many times have I read that scripture?  Yet this past week, it’s importance to me and my life grew exponentially.  I was seeking answers and direction from God …

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Same-Sex Marriage Allowed in All Fifty States

Today, the United States Supreme Court rules 5-4 that denying marrying same-sex couples violates the 14 amendment of the United States Constitution.  Now, same sex couples can be married and there is an element of equal protection under the 14th Amendment. President Barack Obama said last Friday that he felt …

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Freddy Washington Discusses Brooklyn Tabernacle Choirs Beauty

The members of Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir are not trained vocally, nor do they have special musical ability.  Each member simply sings from the depths of their heart our to Jesus Christ in perfect beautiful harmony.  This choir has been famous for its beautiful worship for almost 30 years. Their latest …

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South Carolina Shooting Kills Nine People at Emmanuel AME Church

CHARLESTON, S.C.-  Authorities were searching for a white man who opened fired on a prayer meeting being held inside a historic Emmanuel AME Church located in downtown Charleston.  This South Carolina shooting killed nine people (including the pastor), and authorities have dubbed this a hate crime. The gunman remained at …

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