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No Winners Found in Deflategate

The National Football League (NFL) just upheld a four game suspension against New England Patriot’s quarterback, Tom Brady, after it was discovered that footballs were tampered with which lead to a scandal known as “Deflategate”. Commissioner Roger Goodell affirmed the May suspension after new information about the destruction of Brady’s …

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Audacity Movie Discusses Homosexuality From All Angles

Reviewed By Clarissa Lee Kennerly Audacity is an awesome representation of how a Christian should deal with the topic of homosexuality when confronted with it in the world. It gives a true look at this topic from the prospective of the Christian, the homosexual, and most importantly God. While watching …

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Bill 522 May End Vaccination Debate

The “big debate” among parents?  Whether or not to immunize their children. There are pros and cons to this issue on both sides.  One side views immunizations necessary for their children’s well being, and protection against some once fatal diseases.  The other side views immunizations as unnecessary stating that the …

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Louisiana Gunman’s Troubled Past Exposed

John Russel Houser, age 59, opened fire during a showing of ” Train Wreck” at approximately 20 minutes into the film. The tragic event took place Thursday evening in Lafayette, Louisiana killing two and injuring nine others. The gunman shot himself after trying to escape and after trying to hide …

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US Churches Under Attack

Christian non-profits are now under attack by atheist and homosexual rights groups. In the future we can expect to see a great increase of stress among non-profits and churches in the United States. Christian free speech will become weakened due to atheist and homosexuals using their freedom of speech against …

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