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Removing Prayer in Schools Significantly Backfired

Since prayer was eliminated from schools, it has become a theme under attack. The world where Americans who favored prayer in public school, gained it from the open knowledge of the existence of God. Since the philosophy of prayer acknowledged the existence of someone greater than man, prayer was eliminated …

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Putting Gossip Mills Permanently Out of Business

Men say that women gossip, and men “shoot the breeze”.  However, both genders, no matter how you package it, engage in gossip. Some people feel no shame in promoting gossip, and since they justify it as telling the truth, there is no harm in spreading it… On the condition that …

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Gil Bates Father Of Nineteen Shares His Heart On Faith and Family

Gil Bates is the father of 19 children, and stars in UP TV’s reality series, “Bringing Up Bates” with his wife, Kelly Jo.  Gil provides Faith Filled Family with a touching and in-depth interview of what life is like for their family. This series takes viewers into the back-to-the basics …

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US Faith Based Firm Turns Crisis Management Consultant

Hunter Frederick founded Frederick & Associates in 2010 for the entertainment industry. Realizing the need for crisis strategies and intervention, he quickly enrolled in the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute’s Crisis Negotiations Program through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute. His reality for those who would need his services for crisis strategies, …

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Partnership Divide Over Americas Religious Practice

The Presbyterian Church and missions have been one of the most active around the world. Over the years, Christian led missionaries, have successfully assisted in building churches and schools, and hospitals under a partnership known as the PC (USA). Marking their 178th Anniversary of achievements and aid this year, and …

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