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National Geographic Airs Saints & Strangers in November

National Geographic Channel is set to air a new two day movie event entitled, “Saints & Strangers”. The movie is set to premiere November 22, 2015 and centers around the hardships that the early settlers encountered.  The movie is set around the pilgrims who desired religious freedom (saints) and the …

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Stop Predatory Gambling Pushes to End Legalized Gambling

This weekend marks a nation-wide anti-gambling push to stop predatory gambling.  The group itself plans to take up seats inside the casinos in order to make machines inaccessible for gambling. Stop Predatory Gambling is dedicated to obtaining national reform and wants to end government funded gambling. Stop Predatory Gambling believes …

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Can an Imaginary Friend be a Demon

Many parents chuckle lovingly at their children’s “imaginary friends”.  We dismiss it as creative tendencies, and know that it will go away one day when the child is willing to let go. But would your attitude change if you knew that they were talking to a demon? Children, because of …

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