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People Claim Scripture to be Irrelevant for Today

“That part of the Bible just isn’t applicable today.  It’s simply not relevant for this generation!” If you believe that Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), then you must believe that His word transcends time.  Unfortunately, too many people see the issues of today as more …

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Good Works and Bad Behavior Have a Commonality

“I am a good person.  I do good things, so I will go to Heaven.” “I am not worthy of Heaven because of my past.  God will never forgive me for what I’ve done, so why should I try?” Two different scenarios, yet they both have the something in common: …

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China Lifts Ban on One Child Policy

The Chinese government has loosened its ‘one child’ policy and allow married Chinese couple to have two children. While many people have speculated that they have had a change of heart, Steven Mosher who is the President of the Population Research Institute says this isn’t accurate. “The regime is backing …

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Princess Cut Movie Finds God In Marriage

Paul Munger brings a wonderful faith-filled movie to the big screen called Princess Cut. Princess Cut brings all sorts of familiar faces with it to the big screen. Well known actor Rusty Martin Sr. from the #1 Movie War Room, Rusty Martin Jr. from the movie Courageous, and Ashley Bratcher …

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Seek Understanding with Truth Not Perspectives

There are many rewards to fellowship with the other church members such as providing for the service of those there, and for those in need when reaching outside of the church. There’s also providing for those who come to the church and have needs in times of great loss, or …

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