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Common Misconceptions Satan Doesn’t Want Exposed

New Year equals New You Are you a Christian who feels like you are just spinning your wheels trying to gain traction?  Are you being plagued by temptation and just need a break?  Maybe you feel disconnected from God and are wondering why. Our January issue covers topics that Satan …

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Kenyan Muslim Passengers Defend Christians During Militant Raid

A group of Kenyan Muslims step in to protect fellow Christians from extremists. Al-Shabaab militants regularly raid buses in Kenya in search of Christians to put to death, but their routine assault was halted Monday by a group of Muslim passengers who put their lives in danger to protect the …

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Resisting Temptation Becomes Achievable Utilizing These Techniques

Discover how to Walk Away Temptation can be everywhere you look from enticing, seductive ads running on television, to those chocolates that are screaming  your name from the kitchen. God never said that we wouldn’t be tempted, however He did say that we would not be tempted beyond what we …

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Disobedience May Hinder Total Victory After Receiving Salvation

And it begins with obedience Too many Christians believe that once they are saved, that’s it- they don’t have to do much else.  Their salvation is secured, they know where they are going after death, and that’s good enough.  However, what they don’t realize is that salvation is just the …

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Satan’s Deceptions Cannot Control Your God Given Destiny

Are God’s plans for your future alive in your heart, or did the thief steal them? Did You Know That You Are/Were: Meant to succeed, beautiful, prosperous, worthy, loved, blessed, highly favored, special, created for a plan, created with a purpose, created for victory…. And the list goes on! If …

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