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National Organization For Marriage Announces March For Marriage

In a press release from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), NOM announced that the 2016 March For Marriage will take place Saturday, June 25th in Washington, DC.

Those who wish to participate will walk from the US Capitol building to the US Supreme Court.  Previously, tens of thousands of people, according to NOM, have attended marches in support of traditional marriage.

Brian Brown, NOM’s President, boldly proclaims, “The Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling redefining marriage will go down as one of the most infamous, illegitimate rulings in the Court’s history, along the lines of their decision in Dred Scott to sanction slavery.”

“The narrow 5-4 majority ignored precedent and invented a constitutional ‘right’ to gay ‘marriage’ so that these activist judges could impose their own values on the nation. In the process, they stripped over 50 million voters and countless legislators in states across America of their sovereign right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

Those that support the traditional, biblical definition of marriage are urged to attend the March from across the country.  Further information including a route map and schedule is available online at www.marriagemarch.org.

Brown also noted that following the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage, transgender bathroom policies soon followed.

“The LGBT extremists and the Obama administration are attempting to defy human nature itself and declare that gender can be self-directed and chosen based on ‘identity,'” Brown said. “Obama is fighting to ensure that when someone chooses to declare an identity different from reality, such as a man claiming to be a woman, all of society will be expected to bow in compliance and succumb to every demand, including allowing men into private facilities like restrooms and showers reserved for girls and women. It’s outrageous and it must be stopped.”

NOM strongly supports the First Amendment Defense Acts (FADA) to provide legal protection for supporters of traditional marriage, and protects them from governmental discrimination.  The proposed bill HR 2802/S.1598 has 170 sponsors and co-sponsors in the House and 38 in the Senate.  However, it has not been scheduled as of yet for a hearing.  Encouraging support for this bill is another goal for the March for Marriage.

“It’s time that Congress pass the First Amendment Defense Act so that people of faith do not have to worry about choosing between protecting their livelihood and upholding their beliefs about marriage,” Brown concluded.

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