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Children’s Book Lolli and Pop Discussing Fruit of the Spirit Needs Help

In our February issue, we did an interview with Carolyn Snelling on her new book series, Lolli and Pop. The Lolli and Pop series teaches children all about the fruit of the spirit.  The pages are beautifully illustrated, and contain bright, vibrant colors that would attract any child’s attention.  Most …

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Fox Broadcasting’s Show Lucifer Makes Headlines Across Christian Media

Should the media have reacted to Lucifer, or would this show have gone away on its own? While most Christians wouldn’t give a second thought to a show called, “Lucifer”, it’s portrayal of Satan to the general and impressionable population leaves many disturbed. Fox Broadcasting has come under criticism for …

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Married Couples Can Experience Sex on a Whole Different Level

Sex The secular world can’t stop talking about it, the church often avoids talking about it, and bible references are beautifully romantic, yet somewhat steamy… (ever read Song of Solomon?) What should sex be, according to the Bible?  What is it’s design?  How can we please our spouse?  Many people …

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Quimby’s Inadvertent Christian Newscast Sign off Goes Viral

Quimby earns chuckles, and newscast goes viral with blooper reel. News anchor, Chris Quimby inadvertently injected humor into his broadcast when he closed his news segment with the words, “In Jesus name”. Charisma news reports that Quimby, who in addition to being a news anchor, is also a Christian comedian, …

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Parents Now Pondering Homeschooling Benefits After Fifty Percent Rise

  Could homeschooling be the right choice for your family? According the the National Center for Education Statistics, children who are homeschooled  have seen a 50% rise between the years 2003-2012, and it makes up 3.4% of children between the ages of five and seventeen in the United States.  The …

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US Government Advises Against North Korea Travel After Unfair Arrest

North Korea announced that a United States university student was arrested for what they deemed a “hostile act”. North Korea, according to the student of University of Virginia, entered their country under the guise of a guide. They alleged the student was going to destroy the unity of their country …

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Parents Beware of Disney Channel Ads Promoting Sister Station Freeform

When Did Wholesome, Family Friendly Television Become a Bad Thing? Pro-family group OneMillionMoms.com is urging Disney Channel to cease cross-promoting programs that are deemed inappropriate for children. The Disney- ABC Television Group of the Walt Disney company owns a sister station known as Freeform.  Freeform was previously known as ABC …

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