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Common Questions Regarding Faith and Prayer Answered

How is your faith?  Faith is an interesting topic because it is an intangible.  It is the undeniable conviction that God exists, and that He both hears and answers your prayers.  It is the unwaivering belief that God will act on a situation when everything in the natural may dictate …

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Fear Propaganda Inspires Hatred and Violence in Christians

This article written in the Huffington Post makes an interesting point regarding both the fear propaganda aimed at the Muslim community, and Christian hatred perpetuated by said fear. While it is true that ISIS consists of extremist Muslims, and they are initiating acts of terror throughout the world, it does …

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ZonderKids Publishes Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet in I Can Read Series

Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet I Can Read Series Level 2 Publisher: Zonderkidz Reviewed By: Michelle C. Danko “Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet” is a delightful edition to the I Can Read Series, and effectively engages young readers into reading more about the Bible. This book discusses the prophet, Elijah, and his …

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Iran Continues Ballistic Missiles Testing to Maintain Country’s Fortitude

On Wednesday, Iran’s top leader said that missiles were the key to the Islamic Republic’s future in support of the Revolutionary Guards that have garnered criticism from the West for testing ballistic missiles. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was in support of last year’s nuclear deal with the world powers, …

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Larry Dawson Charged After Monday’s Attempt at Capitol Visitor Center

White house, prayer warriors

On Monday afternoon, law enforcement officials claimed that a suspect pulled out what appeared to be a weapon at the Capitol Visitor Center.  Subsequently, the man from Tennessee was shot at and is currently in stable, but critical condition. A female civilian bystander was injured by the shrapnel, but no …

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Bondage of Fear Issues Replaced with Victory in our April Issue

What tactics is Satan using to prevent you from victory by holding you in the bondage of fear?  Is it: Fear of Failure Fear of Success Fear of the Unknown Fear of Death Fear of Sickness Fear Over Your Children Anxiety/Compulsive/Stress Disorders Phobias Stress Perhaps you are experiencing a stress …

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Bangladesh High Court Rejects Petition Removing Islam as Official Religion

Over the weekend, after much deliberation over whether Bangladesh will be a secular state or Islamic, the Bangladesh High Court rejected the 28-year-old petition requesting the removal of a constitutional provision recognizing Islam as the official religion of the Muslim majority nation. The court ruled the the Committee against Autocracy …

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Overall Consistency Builds a Great Brand for Business

It was so exciting to my kids that the schools were closed on Good Friday and Monday.  They looked forward to getting Easter baskets and eating lots and lots of candy.  My daughter’s class actually had an Easter Egg Hunt at school on Wednesday; on Thursday, each class flowered a …

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