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Help! My Child Is At Dating Age… Now What?


In our culture, dating has become more like, “try it before you buy it” as opposed to trying to find that person that God has selected for you.  Our children are experiencing so much heartbreak from entering into relationship after relationship in trying to find that special someone in which …

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Conservative Christian Colleges In Debate Over LGBT Issues

Fear Over Losing Funding Very Real In Conservative Christian Colleges According to NPR, Conservative Christian colleges are becoming more engaged in the LGBT debate than in previous years.  Previously, many conservative Christian colleges were insulated from many social issues that were raging on.  However, changing attitudes on sexual ethics and …

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Marriage: Teaching Your Kids God’s Design For Family


The statistics on divorce have remained constant- 50% of marriages, no matter whether they are Christian or not, still end in divorce.  Numerous children have witnessed the pain involved when parents separate, and have grappled with their own feelings as well.  It is no wonder that many of them would …

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Walmart Removes Cosmopolitan Magazine From Checkouts


Numerous Christian and Secular Organizations Alike Have Tried- We Finally Have a Win With Walmart After numerous attempts by different organizations to remove Cosmopolitan Magazine from checkouts or to have a cover placed over the front page, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has instigated a policy change at …

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Resurrection Is More Than Salvation: April 2018 Released


When some churches speak of the resurrection of Christ, they stop at salvation.  Yet, Jesus accomplished more than just eternal salvation by dying on the cross- He gave us: authority over Satan, and over the powers/principalities victory over death (eternal salvation, raising the dead) victory over sickness/disease (we are healed …

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Abortion Pill Reversal: Do California Nurses Have A Right To Be Trained?

Heartbeat International is encouraging individuals to sign a petition to ensure that medical professionals are educated about the abortion pill reversal process.  So far, the government has suppressed this type of training to professionals that can save the lives of unborn children. Why Is Training On Abortion Pill Reversal So …

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