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One Excited Passionate Spark Ignites Church Revival World Wide


Passionate about revival? It takes just one spark to ignite a consuming fire across a nation!

Do you look around you at church and wonder why there aren’t as many people as there maybe could be?  “Mega” churches don’t exist by chance, but often by purpose.  Pastors who preach God’s truth, and churches alive and on fire for God are the reasons why many churches grow… and why people stay.

People want to be a part of something that has life, and that life is found through the Holy Spirit’s presence permeating the atmosphere.  Successful churches usher in that presence and lives are changed under the anointing.  A passionate church creates passionate people who are eager to share in God’s goodness.  Yet no matter how on fire your church is, nothing can match a believer on fire for Christ.

Are you THAT believer?

We know that God is good, the question is, are you excited about it enough to encourage someone or share your testimony as an encouragement to others?  Are you truly on fire for Christ just brimming with excitement?  Do you love God with your whole being and can’t wait for opportunities to share the Word?  Are you a passionate Christian or just lukewarm.

God wants ALL of you, not just bits and pieces.  Learn how you can become the kind of Christian that God wants you to be, and spark a revival in your area.  All it takes is one spark to ignite an entire flame, and that one spark needed just may be… you!

Learn more in our next issue coming out tomorrow!

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