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Majority of Irish Voters Said Yes to Same-Sex Marriage

The votes are in, and it’s official… Ireland is the fist country to vote in favor of same-sex marriage.

Ireland is home to 4.6 million casted its ballots yesterday in a referendum that decided whether a marriage redefining amendment to the constitution would be instituted.  70% of Irish voters voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage while 30% voted no so far.  The no voters were said to be mainly comprised of those in the church in a predominantly Catholic country.

The referendum itself pitted church against state, and only a few politicians actually campaigned to strike down the amendment.  Sen. Ronan Mullen was one of the officials who fought the battle for traditional marriage.

Mullen says that he wasn’t surprised by the yes vote.

Meanwhile Cabinet Minister Lea Varadkar who declared his sexual preference at the launch of the government initiated campaign to amend Ireland’s conservative Catholic constitution is touting the vote as a huge victory for LGBT rights.

Varadkar says that Ireland is the first country in the world to embrace marriage equality in their constitution and has done so by popular vote.  Varadkar also claimed that, “That makes us a beacon, a light to the rest of the world of liberty and equality.  So it’s a very proud day to be Irish.”

Varakdar also indicated that 70 percent of votes in the nation’s capital were casted in favor of same-sex marriage along with a majority of major districts beyond Dublin.  He also reports that in other districts, there hasn’t been a majority of no votes- as of yet.

The official tally won’t be until late Saturday, however it appears as if the “yes” vote has won.  Now they are waiting to see by how much.

It was a hard fought campaign in Ireland to uphold the biblical standard of marriage in a predominantly Catholic nation, however they acknowledged an equally harder campaign led by the government and the LGBT community to make the issue one of compassion and equality.

Those who advocated against gay marriage credited the yes side with running a creative compelling campaign that utilized the power or social media to reach young voters- many of whom were first-time voters.  The odds were also stacked against them when political parties backed the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Our Two Cents:

Wow.  What a sad day in history.  Maybe we should have fought harder and more strategically.  Now all we can do is pray as it is never too late to hear God’s truth.

May officials in Ireland hear the words and wisdom of God and may it guide them in the decision making process.  I pray that God will intervene on this one.

I also pray that it doesn’t set a precedent in other countries.

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