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Anger and Rage Overcome Permanently With These Simple Steps

Anger and rage are strong emotions, and those that engage in them know the results too well.

The home should be a place of peace, harmony, and tranquility.  It should be our refuge away from the world and a place of welcome relaxation.  Anger in the home causes strife and shatters that peaceful state.  Members of the home often live in fear at the next unwelcomed explosion of temper, and relationships deteriorate.  Abuse in all forms has been linked to both anger and rage as they have poor self-control and a desire to control while out of control at its basis.

The most damaging is when it becomes so normal, that everyone is yelling- and it is acceptable.  Open honest communication is shut down as everyone becomes defensive.  Stress levels run high, and relationships die in the wake of what is uttered from the mouth in the heat of the moment.  The scars from it run deep and destroy.

The angry person often doesn’t mean nor want to be angry.  Most report that they are unable to control their feelings, yet this is a lie.

The good news is that God gave us a spirit of self-control, and through Him, we can learn how to temper our emotions.  He will teach you how to communicate in love, and restore relationships that were lost or damaged by harsh words.

Learn the impact that your words have on others in your family, and choose to live a life peacefully.  Our next issue discusses how to overcome feelings of rage and anger- for good.  No longer will they plague your home, and no longer will people live in fear or be combative.  We will also discuss how spouses can pray peace into their homes, and how to help their husband/wife control their emotions.

Our next issue comes out October 26th, 2016.

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