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Atheist Says Christians are Bigots on Gay Marriage

In a fiery debate on Fox News’ “Hannity”, Pastor Robert Jeffress and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez argued with American Atheists President, David Silverman regarding whether or not bigotry in America is being directed at conservative Christians or homosexuals when it comes to opposing same-sex marriage.

Silverman argued that those opposed to same-sex marriage display bigotry, while Rodriguez maintained that bigotry is displayed against Christians.

Rodriguez states, “”It’s bigotry and intolerance against those of us who believe in the Bible and our Judeo-Christian values,”

The discussion was sparked by Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio’s earlier comments to CBN when he warned the potential legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. will make Christian teaching on marriage be deemed as “hate speech.”

Rodriguez further agreed with Rubio’s comments when he suggested that there will be dire consequences if same-sex marriage is legalized.

“The moment in America, the moment in our nation [that] biblical truth is defined as hate speech, America as we know it ceases to exist,” he claimed.

He feels that two types of persecutions against Christians exist: globally via terrorism (ISIS) and in the western world in terms of legislation.

In a discussion with Hannity host Sean Hannity, Jeffress commented that he wholeheartedly agrees with Rubio adding that the Obama administration are sending signals that they are going to come after those who believe in traditional marriage.  This comes after Solicitor General, Donald Verrilli admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in April that there will be an issue for churches if they continue to uphold traditional marriage values if gay marriage becomes legal.

“We can debate gay marriage all day and all night, but the fact is traditional marriage has been in civilization for thousands of years. It has been embraced by our country for hundreds of years, and has been embraced by liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton until the last [few] years,” Jeffress argued.

Silverman, on the other hand, began the debate by arguing that the entire issue is about “bigotry” that conservatives display towards gay people.  Silverman commented that no one argues that Christian preachers should be forced to marry same sex couples, but feels that the argument is bigotry at its core.

He further summed up his argument by stating that it is not an attack on Christianity, but an attack on an existing type of bigotry.

Silverman boldly stated in the debate that while he believes in religious freedom, but religious beliefs should not be used as a cloak to hide bigotry.  He also commented that Christians no longer oppose gay marriage, whereas Jeffress made mention that nothing has changed the way mainstream churches uphold the covenant of traditional marriage.

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