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Bailee Eurey is a sophomore at Appalachian State University. She is a member of the App State Dance Team and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi. Faith, family, friends, and fashion all play a key role in her everyday lifestyle. When not dancing or studying, she loves promoting brands on social media and around her college campus. "I am very excited to share my faith by being a music reviewer for Faith Filled Family Magazine," says Bailee. "I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me, and I look forward to growing with each song I have the privilege to listen to."

‘ENCOUNTER’ LIVE Worship with The Neverclaim

The Neverclaim

‘Encounter’ is a soulful live worship album, from The Neverclaim, created to enhance the listeners worship experience. Several songs on this album are conservative and quiet, perfect for individual worshiping moments. However, other songs are full of high energy and make for the perfect Sunday jam session. Encounter is the …

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Switchfoot’s “Where The Light Shines Through” Radiates with Worship

Synopsis: This album is a major comeback album for Switchfoot’s indie style return. Switchfoot has been a multi-platinum selling band for many years, and Where The Light Shines Through is their tenth album. They have been majorly successful, and two decades after their beginning they released this album with Vanguard …

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Transform DJ’s Reaches Audiences With Scripture By Using Techno Beat

Synopsis: Transform DJ’s are able to reach audiences, particularly of the younger generation, through their heart-felt techno beats. Originating from Denver, Colorado,  this Christ-centered group has been traveling the world using dance music to transform their audiences. Never Alone is this group’s newest hit, and it features 17 club hips …

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