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I am Chris Benton. I run a Christian Blog and am launching a marriage ministry because God's purpose for mine and my wife's life is to help marriages. I have been writing for several years now and have found a great passion in writing, so because of that I am writing a book on my 19 years of addictions that I finally walked away from over 8 years ago! I have also started creating short video messages.

Looking To Enhance Intimacy In Your Marriage?


Marriage is said to go through four stages in it’s development, and each stage has a varying effect on intimacy. Numerous studies have concluded that marital satisfaction decreases with the first child, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.  Nor does divorce (another trend) make parenthood better.  What …

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Are You A Sunday Christian Or Do Others See The Christ In You?

Here is How You Can Tell! Christianity isn’t just something that we do on Sundays, but a way of living daily.  You cannot just be a “pew warmer”, and not apply what the Word of God says in your everyday life.  That does not make you a Christian! A Christian, …

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