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Dr. Roslyn L. Ashford is a true optimist with a passion for mentoring youth and empowering people to manifest their dreams. Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe. She is an Associate Publisher on the staff of Faith-filled Family Magazine and a member of the Atlanta Writers Club. Roz is a Christian writer and now author of a memoir, The Sink before the Swim. She loves to sing and direct the Inspirational choir at her church, as well as travel and spend time with family and friends.

VOICELESS Movie Speaks to the Silent Church

Synopsis: VOICELESS A war veteran, Jesse, becomes a community outreach leader after being hired by the pastor to attract new members to their church.  Yet, in the heart of a hopeless Philadelphia neighborhood, choking from poverty and low expectations, the two have different ideas of how to reach out. The …

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Take the Mommy Test: What Kind of Mom Are You?

What kind of mom are you?

Countless women get bogged down in the Pinterest-perfect image of what a mother should be. They feel guilt for failing at cloth diapers, dreading school plays and missing the days of going to the bathroom by themselves, and as a result feel they aren’t a “natural mom.” Brittz, however, shows …

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Valuable Persuasive Leadership Lesson: What Not to Do

Latest political news reports Donald Trump is furious that his former GOP rivals have withdrawn pledges to support him during the November elections. “They broke their word.  In my opinion, they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful.” Trump said among …

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Book You Are Not Normal Inspires Christians to Stand Out

Synopsis: You Are Not Normal: Dare to Be Different is nothing short of a huddle break for the Christian who is looking for a strategic win against the opposing team.  Written by Shaun Campbell, the book explores normal Christianity versus true discipleship, the call to go beyond the typical 6 …

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Trish Donohue Writes to Moms Who Want to Disciple Through Relationship

The relationship girls have with their mothers greatly impacts the women they become, and for busy moms in the thick of the parenting years that reality can seem overwhelming. Author Trish Donohue brings guidance for women who want to disciple their daughters but don’t know where to start in Between Us Girls: Walks …

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Millionaires Chalk Success Up to Hard Work and Family Values

A report released on Monday by U.S. Trust surveyed 684 adults located in the United States with $3 million plus of “investible assets”. 77% of respondents stated that they were raised in a middle class home or lower, and 19% said they were “poor”.  All credit their success to three …

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The Courage to Lead When No One Wants to Follow

Leaders benefit when things are going well; when what they have implemented actually works. But leaders are scrutinized when their vision looks too hard or too risky.  And sometimes, the leader begins to follow his or her followers when the pressure becomes too thick.  But it takes courage to press …

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