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Kaitlin Garrison is a wife to a youth pastor and a mom of two rambunctious puppies. She is a lover of writing, singing, and a good chat over coffee on the porch. She is passionate about investing in the next generation of women to follow Christ with their lives. She also writes over at The Barefoot Blog encouraging women to live a life of freedom in Christ.

Tanya Godsey’s ‘Love Lines’ Says Goodbye Fear

Tanya Godsey

  ‘Love Lines the Last Horizon’, Tanya Godsey Award winning singer, songwriter and speaker, Tanya Godsey, independently releases her third full-length album, Loves Lines the Last Horizon, on September 30th. From beginning to end the album invites listeners to leave a life of comfort, and jump into the wild call …

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Poets & Saints: A Spiritual and Cultural Experience Through Music

Synopsis – “Poets and Saints” In their new album, “Poets & Saints,” All Sons and Daughters seeks to take listeners on a journey through the lives of major historical Christians by capturing their legacies through the rich, authentic lyrics of the album’s songs. This is their fourth full-length album to be …

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