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I work as a office asst and radio announcer at WPYB radio in Benson N.C. I am also in school for Psychology and business management. I have three grown children of all, I am very proud of. My Hobbies are: hiking, storm chasing and church

Kountze Cheerleaders Celebrate by Waving Bible Versed Banners High

Supreme Court ruled in favor of the school having Bible verses on their banners. On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously decided unanimously after a years long free speech and religious liberty case, in favor of the Kountze cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were not permitted to put Bible verses on their …

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Human Trafficking Issue Now Hits Small Town America Via Pornography

Human Trafficking now Involves Everyone, Everywhere   February is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. It is a time when the government and public focus on the problem that touches all lives and realize that human trafficking is not only related to women. The spokesperson for The National Center on Sexual Exploration, …

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Cohabitation Rates Rise Among Christians Coupled with Justifications

Youth contend that it is not morally wrong, and justify their decision. A majority of our youth believe that cohabitation before marriage is not morally wrong. Results published by USA Today posted 76% of adults between the ages of 18-31 are living together with 65% of those cohabitating claim to …

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Affordable Care Act Blessing or Curse to US Citizens

The Affordable Care Act has come to a close and so has the controversy surrounding it. Many people saw the benefits of it, and were interested in getting health insurance, while others were looking to avoid a hefty penalty of 625.00 per person or 2.5 percent of their total income. …

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US Government Advises Against North Korea Travel After Unfair Arrest

North Korea announced that a United States university student was arrested for what they deemed a “hostile act”. North Korea, according to the student of University of Virginia, entered their country under the guise of a guide. They alleged the student was going to destroy the unity of their country …

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Young Children Become Unknowing Pawns in Terrorism Game

Innocent children unknowingly face death to further terrorist agendas Many of the suicide bombers in Nigeria and neighboring countries are unaware that they are being sent out on suicide missions. In the past few months, the use of women and young girls as suicide bombers have increased. The children never …

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