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National Geographic’s Brain Games Opens With God Brain Segment

National Geographic Channel opens its seventh season of Brain Games exploring whether our brains are hardwired to believe in God.  Host Jason Silva travels to Israel, England and other parts of the world to test the brains of both people of faith and self-described atheists and agnostics.  You get the …

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Movie Stained Glass Rainbows Makes Christians Reflect on GLBTQ Issue

Documentary Delves into all sides of the issue hoping to engage the church in open discussion It took a while for me to wrap my head around this documentary by Kent and Brad Williamson. It introduces us to members of the Metropolitan Community Church who have been or are still …

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“Life” on Earth, Freely Given

Life on Earth By Neil Heater Last week we looked at water in relation to scripture and its focus. This week the focus is a look at another of the known elements- yet not in the way you might think. Earth has so many variables in the way the word …

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