There is Power in the Blood…

We have all heard there is power in the blood, and many of us have sung this song many times in church.  The words bear witness to the fact that there is power in the name of Jesus- it is what gives us authority over the unseen.

Authority and faith go hand-in-hand, as you cannot operate in one without the other.  When we are bold in our faith, taking authority over the wiles of the enemy becomes easier, but we need strong conviction.  You have to KNOW that you have authority over a given situation.  You have to KNOW what the Word of God says, and His promises over your life.  You have to SPEAK those words over your situation with boldness and conviction without waivering in order to see things move.

Demonic activity is no exception to this rule, and we need to be able to identify through the Holy Spirit and our knowledge of the Word when this is happening and what to do.  Common sources of demonic activity can be nightmares, visions of demons, and sometimes physical manifestations have taken place.  People can also be possessed or oppressed by demons, and we need to exercise discernment in these areas.

Learn how to discern whether you are dealing with a demon or something else in our next issue.  This article will discuss why being strong in both your faith and conviction can enable you to overcome the attempts of the enemy.  You will also learn how to take your authority over every situation, and why the blood of Jesus holds special significance in a believer’s life in terms of authority.

Our next issue is released on our website on April 26, 2016.  Please bless someone who needs their faith built up with any of our articles.