Saturday, April 9, 2016 marks the 110th anniversary of the historic Azusa Street Revival.  As such, GOD TV will be marking the occasion by screening Azusa Now directly from Los Angeles and United Cry DC16 from Washington, DC.

Azusa Now is a fifteen hour healing and evangelism crusade that will be hosted at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where 100,000 people are anticipated to attend.  United Cry DC16’s goal is to unite 30,000 church leaders in the National Mall to pray for the future of America.

“The Azusa Street Revival of 1906 was the most powerful expression of revival in modern times as multitudes became Christians and experienced healing,” said GOD TV President and Founder, Wendy Alec. “It was also a historic movement that transcended barriers as diverse people gathered in bonds of love, unity and prayer.”


Azusa Now will air live from Los Angeles and will be hosted by Lou Engle of TheCall.  It will go out to 280 million homes worldwide.  The stadium event will feature GOD TV’s popular speakers such as Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, and local pastor, Shawn Bolz of Expression 58 located in L.A.  Bethel Music and Jesus Culture will be leading worship.

The Call has been instrumental in bringing a multitude of people together over the previous fifteen years in fasting, praying, repenting, worshiping, and many of their events have been televised on GOD TV.  One hundred ten years have passed since the Azusa Street Revival, and TheCall hopes to see another wave occur once again- at Azusa Now.

“Having spent 30 years fasting and praying for revival, I am stunned to witness the corporate anticipation of a bold, new Jesus movement arising from every sector of the Body of Christ,” says Lou Engle. “Revival hangs heavy in the air, waiting to fall with an explosion of evangelism, racial healing, awakening, and miracles.” Visit for more information.


United Cry will air on April 10, 2016.  It’s purpose it to unite 30,000 pastors in worship and intercession over America’s future.  Viewers can join in interceding for America, asking God for forgiveness, blessing, and spiritual awakening for the nation.

Prayers of repentance will be led by Christian leaders who firmly believe that the USA is “One Nation, Under God”.  Speakers will include: Anne Graham Lotz, Ed Silvoso, Jonathan Cahn, Alveda King, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Doug Stringer, Dick Eastman, and others.  Worship for this event is to be led by Gateway Music Teams, Rita Springer, Roy Fields and Forever Jones.

“America’s future is in danger. The polls show people are worried about the economy, jobs, families, terrorism, racial conflict and the attacks on Biblical values,” says the Founder of United Cry DC16, Lewis Hogan. “We believe that only a united church can help heal a divided America.”

United Cry can be viewed online on April 9 or on air on GOD TV the following day.  See for more information.

Broadcast times for both events and further information can be found at  Both events will be available for VOD.  GOD TV can be viewed throughout America on channel 365 on DIRECTV and channel 103 of Glorystar.  Viewers can access the webstream on their smartphone through the GODTV app, computer, or TV screen through Apple TV and Roku.