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Azusafest Prophetic Conference
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Azusafest 2017 Recently Announced Theme Of Unity In The Body of Christ

Azusafest Celebration will be held on April 7-9, 2017 on Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles.  It will feature gospel music, international speakers, and a private round-table discussion.

Azusafest is a renown gospel music celebration commemorating the Azusa Street Revival.  The celebration will take place at the Japanese American Community Cultural Center, 244 South San Pedro Street.

This year’s theme is “Unity in the Body of Christ” according to Galatians 3:29.  This will be the 111th year since the Azusa Street Revival.  Three days will be spent honoring the history and heritage of Pastor William Seymour.  Confirmed speakers of Azusafest 2017 are Pastor Geraldo Denardi, Pastor Bonnie Chava, and Rabbi Jason Sobel.

Azusafest commences Friday evening (April 7) with an international reception and Gospel music celebration.  Each evening’s services will feature a night of prophetic release and anointing.

Saturday morning will commence with a private round-table breakfast.  Apostles, Prophets, Pastoral leaders and business leaders will discuss a movement of unity.

Saturday night, Pastor Bonnie Chavda will provide a message on unity.  The anointing service and prophetic release will be from the Azusa Street Apostolic Network (ASAN) and Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN).  Additionally, there is an expectation of the fulfillment of a prophecy by William J. Seymour about a greater global revival.

Sunday morning will include Native American tribal leaders, and a worship entitled, “Wake Up Azusa Street.  Sunday service will be located under a tent on the footprint of the old Azusa Street Mission.  Rabbi Jason Sobel will be giving the Palm Sunday message to Los Angeles.  There will be public communion services as a witness to the community.

Further information can be found at azusastreetmission.org

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