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Battles Between School and Christ Can Easily Be Overcome

Battles can be Won in the Home With Open Discussion Without Disrespecting Teacher’s Authority

Often, battles exist over what schools teach our children about life and what the Bible says.  Many subjects such as contraception are being taught to our children in schools while they are still children.  Society makes being older and having relationships appear to be glamorous.  As such our children are in a hurry to get there without enjoying all of the wonder of being a child.  They also tend to grow up just too fast for their age, and schools report that there is a need to teach children about certain subjects- because they are experimenting at increasingly younger ages.

It is the school’s responsibility to teach our children how to function in society and to prepare them for the future.  As parents, it is our responsibility to know what is being taught to our children, and if there are any biblical discrepancies, we need to teach them the truth.

In our July issue, we will teach parents how to discover what your children are being taught in schools, and to have an open discussion with them on anything that may contradict the Word without discrediting their teachers.  We want our children to respect authority and be respectful, however, we also want them to know what God’s Word says and be strong in their faith.  It is only when they know why they believe what they believe that they can resist temptation and follow down the path that God has selected for them.

As parents, we need to engage them in these types of discussions because not only can their future be at stake, but if no one tells the next generation the truth about God, then sadly it has the potential for another generation lost.  It is not the churches responsibility to teach your children, as parents, the Word instructs us to train up our children in the way of the Word and they will not depart from it.  However, if they never knew it to begin with, whose responsibility is that?  If they depart from where you hoped they would go, and you never prevented it, then whose responsibility is that?  The battle is ours to win. We are responsible for the next generation.  Let’s make it a godly one with solid values.

Our next issue comes out on July 27, 2016.

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