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Have You Become Too Desensitized To Ungodly Political Views?

As Christians, we look at the world and witness how ungodly it can be.  It seems as if they are far from God- or are they?

Each generation contains sin in various forms.  Sin has always existed.  Lust, greed, theft, etc… They have all existed.  The only thing that changes is our tolerance to these things (whether we become desensitized to the message or not) and what we, as Christians, find acceptable.

While the goal of any journalist is to present the truth and both sides of a story, people sometimes incorporate a “slant” in their reporting.  Most do it out of a desire to protect and inform the public.  In their hearts, they believe they are saving people from a social, political, economical, etc. disaster.  And while the most powerful message comes from the heart, so can a strong bias.

The Danger?

If you aren’t well-versed in scripture, you can fall prey very easy to a false message.  It sounds logical, fair, and well-meaning.  However, people can fall into championing a cause that does not honor God.

Conversely, if you aren’t mindful and consciously filtering what you hear, you can become desensitized to a harmful message and end up accepting it on a passive level.

For example,  pro-choice advocates claim that it is a woman’s right to choose what she does to her own body.  She should have that choice to make whatever decision is in her best interest about whether to terminate a pregnancy or not.  Pro-choice advocates claim (generally) that they are not pro-abortion, nor are they pro-life, but wish to leave the decision ultimately up to the mother.

It sounds logical… and some might say fair.  However, it’s not godly.

Scripture clearly states that God knew us as we were being knit together in our mother’s womb.  He planned our existence before we even existed!  According to the Bible, life begins at the moment of conception, and children are a blessing from the Lord.  To have an abortion, according to scripture, is murder.

“But we didn’t tell you to abort your fetus!” Pro-choice advocates proclaim.  “We just said you had a right to choose.”

However, God has ultimate authority over when we live or die.  We aren’t given that authority.  There is no choice here.  Scripture is clear.

This is an example of how we have become tolerant of messages that do not have any scriptural basis.  We accept them because they sound like everyone is begin treated fairly- or people’s rights are being protected- when in reality, we are being asked to accept something that is unacceptable.

John Lysaught tackles the topic of whether or not we as a society have become desensitized to Christian values, and more accepting of liberal views.  Are we going against God’s Word?  Have you believed a lie?

Find out in our next issue coming out on February 27, 2017!

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