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Beyond the Mask Movie has Something for the Entire Family to Enjoy!

Our February issue has something for the entire family… including our interviews!

Chad and Aaron Burns will be talking about their latest movie, Beyond the Mask which is a family action adventure movie- a first in Christian entertainment.

Beyond the Mask is about Will Reynolds, leading mercenary for the British East India company, being double crossed and on the run from the American colonies.  Will’s goal is to clear his name and to win back his love, Charlotte… of which he hasn’t been entirely truthful to.

As his past catches up with him, Will races to not only solicit the help and trust of Charlotte as well as Ben Franklin, but to defuse a historical plot and clear his name.

Beyond the Mask has something for the entire family- action, adventure, drama, romance, and suspense- to enjoy.

Set your calendar for a family date night as Beyond the Mask is set to be released in theaters April 6, 2015.  Faith Filled Family will be doing a review of the movie as well.



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