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I See Dead People!

Otherwise known as familiar spirits, these apparitions are of people that you know and love.  They are usually those that are close to you, and people that you would generally listen to, which is why this type of dream can be so dangerous.

As much as a part of us wants to talk with our deceased mother just one more time (because we miss her!), once we are dead and in Heaven, we are dead.  The dead (until Jesus comes back) simply remain dead, and their spirits do not roam the earth, nor do them come back.  These types of spirits that look like people who are deceased are called familiar spirits, but they are not of God.  If God wanted to convey something to you, he would either use the living, or speak to you Himself.

If you look closely, you can tell they are familiar spirits because there is usually something that is “off” about their appearance, and when I’ve had an encounter with one of them, if I look closely there is some physical distortion.  Your spirit will also bear witness that you are indeed talking to a familiar spirit.  You will know that this is not someone that you love giving you advice because often something about them or their personality is wrong.

The goal of the familiar spirit is to get you off track.  Sometimes they give advice which is not of God, or sometimes they will elicit fear because you are not guarded in your dreams.  Never follow the advice of a familiar spirit as it is not of God and can lead you astray.

The most vivid memory I have of a familiar spirit is a bizare conversation that I had with one, and it went something like this:

Me (looking closely at it): “You know you’re dead, right?” (It was a familiar spirit of my mom)

It: “No I’m not!” (deceptive little thing!)

Me: “Yes you are.  You’re not my mom, you are a familiar spirit.  My mom’s dead.”

It: “No I’m not, I’m your mom!” (Very adamant)

Me: “In Jesus name, get out!  You don’t belong here.”

It disappeared.

Familiar spirits can be deceptive, and if they can instill fear, often they will.  However, overall, they are designed to confuse you.  I’ve had one that I did battle with when I was just learning about my authority in Christ and was practicing spiritual warfare in my dreams.  It didn’t want to go, and even though I was saying the words, I wasn’t saying them with deep down conviction.  It laughed at me, and that’s when I got angry…. I really gave it the Jesus what for!  Then it left as it was supposed to.

I cannot stress enough that you need to have that deep down conviction that these spirits have no place in your home, or in your dreams.  The words sometimes are not enough as you grow.  You need the faith to back it up.

When you understand what nightmares and familiar spirits are, they will loose their power over you.  You will learn that there is nothing to fear, and you can stop bad dreams in their tracks.  You can’t be afraid of something that you were given authority over, nor can you be afraid of something that has no power over your life.  The only time they have power is when we give it to them.

Armed with this knowledge, I pray that you have deep, peaceful, restful sleeps and wake up refreshed and energized!  Kick Satan to the curb with your words in your dreams and enjoy many nights of godly dreams and visions filled with joy.

Those are the best kinds of dreams!

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