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Bible VR Allows Users to Experience the Bible and Concerts in New Way

Revolutionary Bible VR app interactively engages users in not only reading the Bible, but experiencing it as well.

Los Angeles, California- Bible VR recently announced plans to include live music concerts and events into their VR app.
Fans will now be able to not only watch their favorite artist in concert, but experience the concert through 3D virtual reality using the Bible VR app on their smartphone or any VR headset such as Google Cardboard.
Bible VR introduced its latest technology to the faith-based arena at the North American Christian Convention.  It is the first to offer faith-based virtual reality content in full stereoscopic 3D.
FigTree VR’s, who produces the app, goal is the build Bible VR not solely for entertainment, but as an evangelical tool for Pastors and Youth Pastors globally.  It is additionally creating a fully immersive faith-based content that is entertaining to viewers, and educational as well.  This will allow users to share the gospel in new and innovative ways.
Pearry Teo, the CEO/Producer/Director commented, “Our two main goals are to make sharing The Word entertaining and non-invasive. Bible VR’s rich environment helps educate people about Jesus, The Word and His Kingdom while making their personal experiences very memorable, and private enough to feel safe. With Virtual Reality, you’re looking at worlds created in full 360 degrees. You can look everywhere… Up, down, left, right… Each experience is unique to each individual and different every time.”
Currently, anyone who has an interest in Christian concerts, festivals, Bible stories or faith can explore these services.  FigTree VR opened their app up to all Christians including youth group leaders, homschooling families, missionaries, and others with the hopes of bringing evangelism into the 21st century.  Their tools can be used by not just leaders, but directly through individuals.
Bible VR’s crew recently recorded Mercy Me in concert, and is scheduled to film international Hip-Hop artist, Will Speaks in the following weeks.  The goal is to create experiences with all artists across genres within the faith-based community.
Consumer subscriptions are now being offered at a pre-launch introductory offer at $3.95 per month.  Everyone is able to sign up.  For further information, visit their website at: Bible-VR.com.

What is Bible VR? How will it Benefit my Family?

Bible VR’s goal is to change the way we learn about the Bible- especially for kids and young adults- by making it more engaging.  Faith-based content is curated via virtual reality technology for the purpose of educating and entertaining each individual user.  Users don’t just learn about the event- they experience it.
Users will not just be able to read about the parting of the Red Sea, for example, but feel and see the parting of the Red Sea while being chased as in the Bible.  It brings the Bible to life by immersing the user in it.
The VR platform allows spiritual growth by providing VR prayer rooms as well.
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