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Sarah Jakes’ Lost and Found Reveals Her Testimony

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a “preacher’s kid”?  Especially a world-renowned preacher?

Sarah Jakes discusses very openly and honestly what it was like to grow up in the T.D. Jakes household.  She recounts her experiences honestly, and shares in her own personality as well.  Sarah discusses life as a child, and then the hard lessons she faced growing up.

Sarah became pregnant at thirteen, and, as her father was in the public eye, her life became very difficult, and very lonely.  It wasn’t just the congregation and schoolmates who knew, it was larger than anyone could imagine.  A once friendly, well-liked girl found herself shunned at school, and gossiped about at church.

Even worse was what began as the ideal marriage a few years later ended in pain and rejection.  Sarah could have chose to wallow in the pain, but instead decided to leave it in the past.  She did not want bad experiences to dictate her future.

To learn more about the book, read our review in our summer edition of Faith Filled Family!

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