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Kenya Warns US to Not Bring Up Gay Rights

President Obama was warned by the residents of Nairobi not to bring up gay rights when he visits later in the month.

Obama is not likely to receive a warm welcome as homosexuality is illegal in Kenya.

Kenya is not happy with the U.S calling it “unholy”.  Kenya already has tough anti-gay laws and want to impose even tougher restrictions.

Kenya residents state, “We will protect and defend out beliefs. We believe in one man and one woman.”

The LGBT supporters are making their presence known. The activists are worried there will be even more violence.  One of the attacks include being raped to cure them or a fourteen year imprisonment for indecent conduct.

Leviticus 20:13

“If a man lies with mankind, as he lies with a woman, has committed abomination.”

All human beings deserve to be treated with respect and love. Love is God.

We will not win over the lost without showing LOVE and COMPASSION. Most of the time, you need not point others flaws because they know their wrong doing.  When people are pressured they tend to turn the other way.

I try to live my life in such as way that other look at me and wonder, “WOW! What is she doing?”

Everyone is going to have trials in his or her life. Everyone at some point is going to stray. I know God is waiting for me to run back to his arms. I try to keep this in mind, when in my opinion someone is not living to my standards. We all live up to God’s standards NOT human nature’s standards. I am gonna say again, most important thing in this world, right now Is LOVE.

The Bible says, those without sin cast the first stone.

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