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Bubbleblock May Help Avoid Vehicular Accidents While Driving

World Patent Marketing just announced its latest invention called, “Bubbleblock” and it is designed to help make people more concentrated on their driving and less distracted with their mobile devices.

Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions said, “Sending a text message or answering a phone call while driving is both careless and irresponsible.”

So the company created Bubbleblock, which is an application invention which provides increased safety features for wireless gadgets such as cellphones, smartphones, etc.  It deals specifically with any technology that is used for communication purposes.  Bubbleblock is a unique system which has a unique and  predetermined sequence for incoming phone calls from any mobile device, memory for storage, and features for reading and selecting phone calls and more.

Bubbleblock will have the ability to send selected text messages to another person while the individual is actively driving.  It informs the person calling that the user is currently unavailable, and once the person has stopped driving, they can now view the unanswered messages.

World Patent Marketing is hoping that by doing this, road accidents caused by texting or calling will be significantly reduced.

Inventor Danielle J. commented in PRNews that, “People will now be able to fully concentrate on driving with the Bubbleblock.  This application invention prevents users from constantly grabbing their phone to answer calls or send text messages. Once someone calls them, a predetermined message is sent to the caller or texter to indicate that they are currently driving and cannot be disturbed.”

“As a driver, it is important to keep my eyes and concentration on the road but sometimes, I tend to instinctively grab my phone when someone calls. With the Bubbleblock, I am prevented from doing so, thus making me a more responsible driver.” said Lenny Matthews, a New York City taxi driver.

Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing predicts, “The Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing industry is worth $2 trillion.  Rising incomes in emerging countries will buoy demand and this will help the car industry grow over the next five years.”

Bubbleblock is an invention that is designed to educate drivers not to use their phones while driving.

World Patent Marketing is an “innovation incubator” and manufactures patented products for inventors and entrepreneurs.


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