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Burlington Revival Ends After Eleven Amazing Weeks

Townsend Believes the Burlington Revival Is Not the End, But Hopefully a New Beginning

The Burlington Revival has ended after an incredible eleven weeks.  Friday night marked the last night the revival series was being held in North Carolina.

CBN News reported the owner needed his tent returned for another meeting, and a leader said the services will not continue at another location.

D.R. Harrison wrote in a text to CBN News, ” There were no other opportunities for us to do that.  So for now, the Burlington Revival has ended.

God moved mightily during the revival as thousands attended daily.  Harrison commented that over 1,250 people were saved during the event.

The revival began during Mother’s Day, and was originally a week-long event at New Hope Baptist Church.  Eventually, it moved to a large tent near Interstates 40 and 85.

In a video on the Burlington Revival Facebook page, evangelist C.T. Townsend commented, “What a joy; what an honor, and what a privilege to see God working in this day.  I’ve never seen anything like it, and this meeting has changed my life.”

“It has changed everything about me,” he continued. “And I am so thankful and honored for what God has done and what God is doing—not just here in Burlington, but the aftershock that has literally shook across this nation.”

Services may have been discontinued, however Townsend says the work will continue.

He said, “I believe that Jesus is soon to return, and we all have to do our job to seek as many souls as we possibly can before His return.  I’m believing by faith along with many other people that Burlington is not the end, but it is the beginning of what God is doing in America.”

Townsend is not just praying for revival in Burlington, but across America.  He feels America needs to turn to God for their solutions.

“We are trusting God because we know that revival is the only answer that we have,” he said. “Another Democrat or another Republican, no matter how good they are, is not going to fix the problems that we are in.”

Prayer leaders are currently believing for another tent so they can preach the gospel across the country.  They are hoping that people will contribute to continuing the revival.  In the Facebook video, he said the cost for a tent and accessories is $250,000

In a statement to CBN News, Townsend commented,  “God’s people miraculously raised almost $340,000 this past week in efforts to purchase a brand new tent.

Townsend hopes to begin this new ministry debt-free.



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