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Byzantine Era Church Artifacts Discovered on Gaza Strip

A Byzantine era Christian religious site may have been discovered by construction workers in the Gaza strip.
ABS News reported that the site was uncovered while workers were constucting a shopping center.
Research director for the Hamas-run Tourism and Antiquities Ministry, Heyam al-Bitar, said the discovery included the remnants of marble Corinthian pillars, foundation stone bearing the Greek cross and crowns.
She said that the ruins likely came from a chruch-like structure that had existed in what is present day Gaza City.  al-Bitar claims they date back to the sixth century and are characteristic of the rule of Emperor Justinian.
The antiquities will be taken back to the ministry’s museam for further investigation and study.  Haaretz.com reports that 15 pieces have been uncovered to date with the excavations still continuting.  Their hope is to obtain all artifacts preserving that particular time period before they are destroyed.
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