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Daily Prayer

Good Morning, God: We Praise You Each and Every Morning

praise, thanks, thanksgiving

Good Morning, Lord!  We Lift Up Our Voices of Praise For All You Do, All You Have Done, and For What is Yet to Come! Heavenly Father, we give you praise today!  You are good all the time!  We thank you that you are our provider.  You meet all of …

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Prayer Potpourri Reveals God’s Plan, Forgiveness, and Love

prayer, plan, calling

Lord, reveal to us your plan and purpose for our lives.  We know that you created each one of us with unique talents and gifts to use for your glory.  Show each one of us your purpose for these gifts so that we may glorify you. For those who are …

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Prayer For Wisdom, Guidance And Favor Throughout Our Day


Heavenly Father, we lift up our day to you.  Please guide our steps today.  May your will be done in our lives. We pray wisdom into our day.  Whether it is work, school, or home, help us to make wise decision that would benefit those around us.  Teach us to …

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Sickness Healed, Oppression and Bondage Gone in Jesus Name

healed, healing, cross

Heavenly Father, we lift up those who need healing today.  We pray for miracles to take place in people’s bodies.  We pray that as people are reading this (and vocalizing their prayers) that they will be instantly healed of all physical ailments.  We pray that they will experience a miracle …

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Godly and Blessed Children Are Just A Prayer Away

Heavenly Father, today we pray over our children.  Help guide our steps in training them up to be mighty men and women for God.  Reveal to us your plan and purpose over their lives.  Enable us to help them to walk in your plans over them. Teach us to speak …

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