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Help! My Child Is At Dating Age… Now What?


In our culture, dating has become more like, “try it before you buy it” as opposed to trying to find that person that God has selected for you.  Our children are experiencing so much heartbreak from entering into relationship after relationship in trying to find that special someone in which …

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Marriage: Teaching Your Kids God’s Design For Family


The statistics on divorce have remained constant- 50% of marriages, no matter whether they are Christian or not, still end in divorce.  Numerous children have witnessed the pain involved when parents separate, and have grappled with their own feelings as well.  It is no wonder that many of them would …

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Resurrection Is More Than Salvation: April 2018 Released


When some churches speak of the resurrection of Christ, they stop at salvation.  Yet, Jesus accomplished more than just eternal salvation by dying on the cross- He gave us: authority over Satan, and over the powers/principalities victory over death (eternal salvation, raising the dead) victory over sickness/disease (we are healed …

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THE Sex Talk: How Do You Teach The Importance Of Abstinence?


We are in an age wherein schools place more emphasis on contraception over abstinence.  When asked what the rationale is for this, since abstinence is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy versus 99% at best, the response is always, “Well, if they are going to have sex anyway, they should at …

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Holy Spirit “Moves” Explained: What’s Real And Contrived

Confused About How The Holy Spirit Moves? In the past, there has been some confusion as to what happens when the Holy Spirit takes over.  Is what we are witnessing spirit-led, “group mentality”, or demonic?  This needs to be the question that we ask ourselves when we see what appears …

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Unrepentant Sin: What Happens Before We Enter Heaven?

unrepentant sin

The Age-Old Question: If God can’t be in the Presence of Sin, What Happens When we Die? This question has been the source of much debate.  We know that God cannot be in the presence of unrepentant sin– that is why the blood of Jesus washes us clean, and that …

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