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How Do You Teach Your Children To Heal Others?

Scripture provides three ways that people can receive healing: anoint with oil, prayer, and the gift of healing by the laying on of hands.  All of these ways, need a measure of faith in order to operate in a person’s life.  The person has to want to be healed, and …

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Dream Speak: Is It God, Satan, Or Just Me?

Every single person dreams (enters into REM sleep providing there are no sleep disorders).  Many of us may not remember what we have dreamed, however, we do dream.  The beautiful part of dreaming is that often, God speaks to us through these dreams because we are receptive, and He can …

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Gretchen Keskeys Discusses New Album, “Pure Hope”

Singer-songwriter, Gretchen Keskeys has returned with her sophomore release, “Pure Hope”, which was released May 26, 2017. Christian fans really embraced Keskeys who spent the last year performing at events and women’s conferences nationally.  Keskeys openly shared her songs along with an amazing testimony of being delivered from anxiety and …

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Do Your Dreams Have Meaning? What Is God Saying?

Joseph and many others in Old Testament times have had the ability through God’s revelation to interpret dreams.  Regarding our dreams, however, it can be challenging to discern whether the dream itself is of importance or not, and how much faith should be put into what we dream. Common questions …

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Should We Be Accepting Of Nightmares As Normal?

How much confusion surrounds our dreams, and their interpretation?  As a society, we have accepted nightmares and night terrors (when your child wakes up screaming in the night from a bad dream) as normal.  We dismiss it as “they/I simply had a nightmare/bad dream”.  But did we really?  Should we …

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Word From God Or Just Your Imagination?

Have you ever woken up from a dream so vivid that it seemed like you were living it?  Ever wondered if it was God revealing your future to you?  What about the “just knowing” feeling that occurs when you just meet someone and suddenly know what they are struggling with? …

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