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Brilliantly Brave Parenting Provides A Great Resource For Parents

Brilliantly Brave Parenting

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a podcast, blog, and resource site created to empower parents in all stages of their child’s development.  Brilliantly Brave Parenting recognizes that it’s difficult to balance the demands of work, home, and life while maintaining a Christian faith.  Outside influences, society and media all bombard our …

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Joni & Friends VP Discusses Families Coping With Disabilities

Family life can be changed in an instant when one of its members is diagnosed with a disability.  When confronted with someone with a disability in one’s family, it is normal for family members to have questions in terms of your role, and the unique needs for support.  Real Families, …

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Radio Host, Brant Hansen, Discusses Being A “Misfit”

Many Christians desire to feel God’s presence… but don’t.  Some don’t even feel like a “spiritual” person.  Also, not all people are emotionally moved by worship music, and some struggle to pray easily.  Many of these “barriers” leave Christians wondering what they are doing wrong, if they have been abandoned …

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Higher Vision Worship Is January Music Spotlight

Higher Vision Worship was birthed out of Higher Vision Church located in Los Angeles.  The church itself is almost packed with 3,000 diverse followers- all focused on Christ. Higher Vision Worship released their debut album, “For Your Kingdom”, on October 6, 2017, with the purpose of worshiping and focusing solely …

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Comedian Tim Loveless On January Cover

Tim Lovelace brings his talents to the forefront in his latest DVD/CD combination, Living In A Coffee World.  The project showcases Tim’s comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent, and motivational speaking skills.  Additionally, he provides exceptional entertainment for the entire family to enjoy! His DVD/CD was recorded live at Lee University …

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Looking For An Educational And Entertaining Movie For the Family?

The new movie, Genesis: Paradise Lost, utilizes cutting-edge cinematography in marrying two areas of the creation of the universe: creation science and biblical accuracy.  Genesis: Paradise Lost brings Genesis to real life by using ReadD 3D.  The movie explores the history of Genesis using careful research to study the most debated …

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Why Praying For Wisdom Will Get You Farther In Life

While many of us are on the elusive hunt for fortune, fame, power, and wealth, King Solomon demonstrates that without godly wisdom, we will falter.  It is a truth that he had learned in his day, and when he had requested wisdom from God, he was rewarded with fame and …

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