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Learn How to Ignite Your Children to Remain on Fire for Christ

The Holy Spirit is a “One Size Fits All” and Only Needs The Word to Grow

Statistics loudly proclaim every year that more and more young adults are loosing their faith after high school.  Some blame the post-secondary institutions which, they feel, ridicule and penalize students for their faith, and focus too much on worldly theories.  Others blame the church/parents citing that children just are not grounded in their faith enough to defend why they believe what they believe.  They say that children know scripture, but don’t know how to apply it to themselves, nor do they know how to defend their biblical stance.

Whatever the reason may be, it is still our responsibility as both parents and church to equip these young adults to be on fire with Christ.  It is our job to disciple them so that they not only know how to quote scripture, but know how it applies to their daily life and how to properly defend the Bible and its teachings.

Children are never too young to learn the Bible and what it means.  Children may need to develop both physically and mentally, but we all have the same Spirit, and it grows by nourishing ourselves spiritually.  Just as an adult, these are the same tools that a child needs to grow in this area, and it is surprising as to what their Spirit absorbs!  Children in some cases are more able than adults to speak in tongues, hear from God, heal and preach the Word without fear because they simply don’t know any different- they have not been taught that they can’t or shouldn’t.

Find out in this issue how to disciple your children and have them grounded in the Word.  Discover at what age you should introduce what topic, and how to train them up in the way of the Word.

Not only will they be blessed as a result, but so will the kingdom and the world as you never know how God will move.  However, you can guarantee that it will be for His glory!

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