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If We Are All Children Of God, How Are You Treating Your Siblings?

The word, family, is not just reserved for the people that reside with us in our homes, or those we are related to.  “Family” can encompass our church family, or be used on an even broader scope to include all people residing on earth.  We are all “brothers and sisters” in Christ, and whether we believe in Christ or not, we are still God’s children.  Therefore, we are all “family” in one sense or another.

That being said, how are we treating our “family”- those who are outside people that we go to church with, or our relatives?  The news is flooded with people using the terms “bigot”, “racist”, “xenophobe”, and the list goes on especially after the latest U.S. election.  More angst and hate is rising to the surface as each person/group pushes to be heard above the murmurings of discontent rising to the surface.  The consensus appears to be that we want to be recongized, and have things our way- our version of “right”- at all costs.  These impactful words carry deep meaning, which begs the question, “How are we treating others”?

Yes there is injustice, and political unrest- there has always been.  However, if we, as believers, truly believe that we are all God’s children as outlined in scripture, then why are we treating GOD’s sons and daughters with such malice?  We have no way of necessarily knowing whether the person standing beside us is a Christian or not.  Do our actions reflect the love of Christ that lives within us, or are we demonstrating the hate that wells up in us?  What would draw somoene to Christ from you?  Are you exhibiting Christ-like love?  Do your actions line up with the Word?

This is cause for deep personal reflection, and only you, if you are honest, can truly answer the question.

In our November issue, Krissy Nelson will delve deeper into the issue of whether our behavior lines up with scripture, and whether or not we are exhibiting the love of Christ to others.  She will also discuss why how we treat others in important in God’s eyes and will challenge you to delve deeper in exploring how you see others.  Is your attitude Christ-like or not?  If it doesn’t line up, how can you change?

All these questions and more in our next issue coming out on November 28th.

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