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Children’s Shows May Be Exposing Your Kids To More Than You Desire

Children grow up in a world of make-believe wherein they can be almost anything their imaginations can conceive.  As parents, we marvel at their creativity, and how even something as simple as boxes can provide hours of play.

If you have ever watched your children, you will note that they will re-enact scenes from their favorite television shows or movies.  It’s cute watching it, but is it harmless?

We wouldn’t dream of allowing our children to watch extremely violent movies, or gratuitous sex scenes.  They are inappropriate, and we don’t want to expose our children to certain things too early in life.  If we don’t want them to engage in sex too early, or become overtly violent, why are we not more militant when it comes to their spiritual well-being?  Isn’t that important as well?

Is Fantasy Just Innocent Child’s Play?

Many parents may not like me too much for this, but please read on before you make a judgement.  Movies such as Frozen, or Harry Potter, and television shows such as Wizards of Waverly Place, Smurfs, etc may be spiritually dangerous for your children.  Many of us watch these shows in child-like awe at being transported back to a time when anything is possible.  We view it as the innocence of childhood, yet fail to realize “innocence” is really the key word.

Many shows that parents feel are innocent really aren’t.  Even if your children know that it isn’t real, “isn’t real” translates into “we can’t really do that stuff in real life”.  But can we?

Our next issue will explore whether or not re-enacting movies in childhood really does have a spiritual impact on your child.  Remember, our words have power!  We will discuss if these shows pose any spiritual danger to your children, and discuss why.  We will also provide alternatives for your children to watch.

While you may perceive pairing down television viewing as restrictive, it really isn’t.  It’s just a shift in your thinking, and there are more than enough options available.

Your child’s soul is worth making the change.  As parents, we will be held accountable for all decisions we make regarding God’s children.

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