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Chonda Pierce Delivers Family Friendly Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Chonda Pierce Gives Viewers Laughs in a very Clean Way- Perfect for the Whole Family!

Synopsis: This was Chonda Pierce’s event, which she hosted and emceed. Chonda Pierce is quite funny, gleaning her humor from daily life that the average person would not be able to make funny. She often used self-deprecating humor especially in terms of her weight. She is very personable and very good at her craft.

The 5 comedians Chonda Pierce hosted each did their routine and were very clean, except Brad Stein had a few comments that could be considered low on the family-friendly scale for the 11 yr-old in the audience that night.


Brad Stein – Screamingly funny is the term that comes to mind to describe this performer. He focused on describing geographic locations and exaggerated their main characteristics similar to what a caricature artist would do. He simply did it with words. Brilliant comedian. He joked about Nashville, TN, Las Vegan, NV in July (Hot), Winnipeg, CAN (Cold). He had a lengthy piece establishing that God is indeed a guy. Here some of his comments went over the line a bit but for the most past his humor was good and wholesome.

Anthony Griffith – This comedian was very funny even with his visible physical and speech impediments. Upon entrance, one is almost scared for him as we notice his impediments. But that fear quickly wanes as he begins to remove the stigma of his condition by poking fun at himself. In so doing, he disarms the fear and we begin to laugh and realize that he is quite funny. He did not allow his challenges to stop him from performing and realizing his dream of being a standup comedian. I found that astounding. I could also tell that the audience respected him for his courage and ability to use his challenges to his advantage – and for their entertainment. He endeared himself to the audience because of this courage to risk being mocked in order to entertain and bring joy to strangers for a 30 minutes. Heart-warming and brilliant!  Muscular Sclerosis has found its match in this funny man!

We learned a lesson from Anthony, that regardless of our challenges, we can overcome them by creatively using them to our advantage; and, if possible, for the good of others. He did not hold back part the embarrassing part of himself but gave his all, and even apart for his comedy routine, he was a triumphant success.

The only drawback to his routine was the pu-pu platter joke, which went on a bit long. He also went on about the gassy effect of beans on his digestive system. Bodily functions can be risky in an audience over 25, yet he boldly went for it and he did receive the laughs. After all, they were funny; those things usually are.

Lisa Mills – The homeschooling mom from the deep South. She is funny and jolly. She has a great and very expressive face as she joked about everyday life. The funniest part of her routine was how she slept in a posed position for the 1st 6 months of her marriage with Trident gum under her pillow to hid the morning breath and other “just awoken” imperfections. Hilarious!

Chinnita Morris – I really liked this comedienne who I truly identified because she is also a single believer. She is attractive and is not about to settle for anyone less than who God has for her just to have companionship. She was transparent about her divorce and having waited for a mate for a very long time. She shared dating woes and just had a very funny way of communicating that makes you want to laugh. For example, she does not believe that people should be ugly and obnoxious. She had impeccable timing in her jokes. She will go very far as she is quite talented. Another admirable trait that is quite apparent is that she is a Christian who happens to be a comedienne, not a comedienne who identifies as Christian. She honors Christ in her life. I would go to see a show with just her as I believe she could carry a show on her own. Very funny! With her personality, humor and fresh look, I believe she will go very far.

Taylor Mason – He is a ventriloquist who had won Star Search, which was the precursor to show such as “America’s Got Talent and “American Idol.” He is quite talented and multi-dimensional in his ventriloquism. He used members of the audience, placing a mechanized half-mask on their faces in order to use them as his “human puppets.” [my term]. It was quite entertaining because the expressions on the masks are so ridiculously exaggerated one begins to chuckle on that alone. He engaged 2 assistants, a young adult female and a male in his mid-30’s to early 40’s male as his “human puppets.” [My term]. He described his bald male “assistant,” as having “flesh-colored hair.” Who says that? His pig puppet routine, with Paco the pig and the other one, was hilarious. His ventriloquism is genius. He achieves a brilliant integration of both arts as I have rarely seen it done.

Pros:  All in all, I enjoyed this 1 hour plus show. The comedy was clean, which made it entertaining and mostly un-offensive. It was a great assignment. Who doesn’t like to laugh? I cannot close out this review without sharing a few Scriptures on laughter:

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.” Ps. 126:2.

“Till he fill thy mouth with laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing.” Job 8:21.

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased.” Psalm 4:7

And my favorite:

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22.

Cons: There were not many cons on this production. The only drawbacks were the few comments that went over the line about God and the poo-poo jokes. Taylor Mason, Anthony Griffith, and Brad Stein, each had a 1 or 2 over-the-line potentially offensive items but Lisa Millis and Chinnita Morris had none. Even Chonda Pierce went over a bit by discussing her Spanx woes. As with everything, some could become offended with a few items during the 1 hour and 18 minutes; however, I would venture that most people would not be offended but be very much entertained.

Bottom Line: This is a great show to attend in person or to keep in your video library. Everyone needs a good laugh and a good belly laugh is good for our health. Comparatively speaking, it is good family fun. Even the cons are not very offensive as there is more that is good than is not.

Recommendations to Viewers: I would recommend Chonda and her brand of family-friendly comedy. Hands-down! This level of levity is worth your time. Enjoy!

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