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Lord, Thank You For Our Spouse and Our Marriage

Heavenly Father, we pray for you to strengthen our marriages today.  Help us to see our spouse as you see them.  Teach us how to enjoy our spouse as the beautiful creation that you designed them to be.

Thank you, Lord for loving me so much that you created someone to walk beside me for a lifetime.  Thank you that they are my helper in life, and together you have designed us to be mighty.  Let nothing come between the bond that binds us together fracturing your beautiful union between man and wife.  Help us to have eyes solely for our spouse, and reveal to us their inner beauty.

Help us to continually draw closer in intimacy.  When disagreements arise, let us choose to hear instead of justify.  Let the words that come out of our mouth be pleasant, not harsh.  Teach us to speak in love without any malice or hurt and let those words be heard.  Let every word that proceeds from our mouths build our spouses up- encourage them- not discourage.  Train us to encourage our spouses, and to be there in times of comfort.

Teach us to love and cherish each other.  Reveal to us your design for marriage and help us walk in it.  Strengthen the bond that exists between a husband and wife.  Let there be unity and peace throughout our houses.

Teach us to enjoy the gift that you gave us in our spouse.  Help us each day to cherish them, honor them, respect them, and obey.  Remind us daily to always keep you at the center of both our marriages and our lives.

Strengthen marriages that have been broken by one reason or another.  Let your love shine through and heal open wounds.  Let broken marriages be restored, and any misdeeds be forgiven.  Heal broken hearts and mend what the enemy destroyed.  Soften their hearts to one another and help them turn back to each other.

We pray that every marriage is strengthened, and that it stands as a shining testament of your love.  Let your children show the world what marriage should look like- a shining testament of the goodness and love of Christ.  Teach us to love our spouse the way that you would have us love them.  Teach us how to be tender, and may unity reside in each and every house.

Let us be examples to our children of your design for marriage that they, too, can experience your goodness in a spouse.  Help us to teach them how to be good spouse, and be examples of what to look for in a future mate.  Help us to teach them that marriage is a lifetime commitment, and a life filled with joy with you at the center.

Lord, may you always be at the center of our marriages, strengthening them, making them beautiful and holy.  We thank you for the blessing of your perfect design in marriage.  We thank you today and always for the perfect gift that is our spouse.  We thank you for their life, and may blessings flow over them.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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