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Overall Consistency Builds a Great Brand for Business

It was so exciting to my kids that the schools were closed on Good Friday and Monday.  They looked forward to getting Easter baskets and eating lots and lots of candy.  My daughter’s class actually had an Easter Egg Hunt at school on Wednesday; on Thursday, each class flowered a cross in memory of Jesus’s crucifixion. I love this time of year!

As usual, there was an overflow in the church parking lot.  Families came to celebrate Easter, which I also refer to as Resurrection Sunday.  We remembered the ultimate sacrifice—Jesus was crucified so that we may live.  He was buried in a borrowed tomb.  But on the third day, he rose from the dead.

I thought about those 3 days.  The day that his enemies thought they put an end to this ‘Savior talk’.  The day they thought they weakened His huge following and put an end to those so-called miracles being performed.  And that is where it gets exciting for me because after Jesus’ resurrection, thousands of years later, we’re still here celebrating!  It speaks to Christ’s amazing leadership in building his magnificent brand!  Yes, Jesus has a globally recognizable brand.  One that has stood the test of time.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a brand like that?

I know you know the difference between a Coke versus Pepsi, right? Or McDonald’s versus Wendy’s fries. Well, that’s because we recognize many brands by their logo, color, taste, or even smell.  Now let me ask you a question: If Coke changed its recipe, would you still drink it?  Would it still be “Coke”? I think not. But how did these brands become global giants AND what did Jesus do?

Brands aren’t built overnight. They come with consistency. Take Jesus’s leadership as an example.  He was consistent.  See for yourself.  Even as they crucified him, he was still the same.  You, too, have to be consistent to build a lasting brand. Start with the end in mind, as God did for Jesus.  Ask yourself, how do you want others to see you, your company, or your leadership, and be that TODAY.

Happy Branding!

Dr. Roz

About Dr. Roslyn Ashford

Dr. Roslyn L. Ashford is a true optimist with a passion for mentoring youth and empowering people to manifest their dreams. Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe. She is an Associate Publisher on the staff of Faith-filled Family Magazine and a member of the Atlanta Writers Club.

Roz is a Christian writer and now author of a memoir, The Sink before the Swim. She loves to sing and direct the Inspirational choir at her church, as well as travel and spend time with family and friends.

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