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January Issue All About Putting Spark Back Into Your Marriage

Next issue tackles common “marriage busters” that couples can fall into.

When we get married, we enter into this covenant with certain expectations of what married life will look like.  Some of us entered in with a fairy-tale “happily ever after” scenario which disintegrated soon after the first fight.  Others of us had expectations similar to how we were raised, and were disappointed when our spouse didn’t meet our needs.

As our marriage progressed, we realized that as a couple, there were things we disagreed on.  Sometimes it was major issues, but most of the time, in retrospect, they were really insignificant in comparison to the grand scheme of things.  We end up laughing about it later, but it seemed like a big deal at the time.

Then houses, children, college, etc enter into the picture, and the dynamics of the family change.  As any couple who has been married a long time can attest: marriages go through seasons.  Those who communicate effectively, compromise and work things out succeed.  These are the marriages we look to in awe and aspire to be like.  These are the people who have the wisdom to navigate through any storm, and they make great mentors.

As with anything, there are myths that surround marriage that many people fall into.  It’s mostly out of ignorance, but if left unchecked, you can find your entire relationship derailed and left wondering as to what happened.

Most things that couples inadvertently stumble into unknowingly are harmless.  However, some of them can and have led into the destruction of a marriage.  These traps you want to avoid, and no matter how you try to justify them, they contain God’s truth- if you choose to listen!

Our next issue with strengthen your marriage, remove barriers to intimacy, and heal any hurts that exist.  Couples will grow closer, and your family will live in victory!

Our next issue comes out December 27th, 2016.  Please share this post with another married couple so that you can receive encouragement together (or get a good laugh reminiscing!)

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