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Terror Attack in Jerusalem Leaves Two Officers Dead And A Third Wounded

A terror attack Friday at the Lion’s Gate near the entrance to Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City killed two Israeli police officers and left a third moderately wounded. Police have identified the officers as Hail Sitawi (30) and Kamil Shnaan (22).  Both officers resided in Druze towns to the …

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Republican Steve Scalise In Stable Condition After Shooting Earlier Today

Republican Steve Scalise who is a congressional staffer and member of the congressional police force was shot Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia during a GOP congressional baseball practise for an upcoming game.  So far, sources are calling this an apparent “deliberate attack.” President Trump says the gunman was killed.  The …

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Canadian Province Allows Removal Of Child If Their Gender Identity Isn’t Accepted

The Christian Times reported that Bill 89 of the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act 0f 2017 was passed in Ontario by a vote of 63-23.   This law enables the government to remove children in families who do not accept their child’s chosen gender identity or expression. Bill 89 …

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Faith Filled Family Launches New Section On Marriage And Parenting


Faith Filled Family is pleased to announce a new segment being incorporated into our website geared towards enhancing marriage and parenting. This new section will provide tips for raising godly children, solutions to common issues within the home, and provide advise for every stage of your child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical …

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Fifty Year Wait: Will The U.S. Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital?

This is a moment in history that many American Christians have waited fifty years for that may happen: The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli Knesset and U.S. Congress will participate in a joint video event on Thursday marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.  According to the …

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Christianity In Iraq May Fall To Unsustainable Levels Without Drastic Measures

Both Pope Francis and President Trump, in a recent meeting, shared concerns about conditions in Iraq- especially with Christians in these areas. Church leaders in Iraq are urging the public to donate to the Christian Refugee Relief Fund to help avert a crisis.  Without immediate financial support, the country’s Christian …

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March For Life Flag Raised In Ottawa For First Time… Then Taken Down!

A pro-life flag was raised yesterday morning in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa.  This marks a first time in Canada’s history in which this flag waived over its City Hall. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the National March for Life wherein thousands of pro-lifers rally at the Parliament demanding legal protection …

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