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Cybermissionaries Are Fighting Terrorism Attacks

Thousands of Hearts are Being Won to Jesus

After the Orlando tragedy, police are investigating how Omar Mateen could have become radicalized.  The conclusion?  It may be the Internet.
Criminology professor, Scott Decker claims, “The Internet has played a central role in the spread of terrorism, particularly individuals in the U.S. who have become radicalized or adopted extremist views.”
Jeffry Simon, author of Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat, concurs, “The Internet is really the game-changer in today’s terrorism, especially for the lone wolves.  ISIS has proven incredibly savvy in using social media and the Internet to spread their ideology, to call for violent attacks.”
For this reason, the man at the top of America’s “most wanted” list is Abu Muhammad al-Adnani director of external operations for ISIS- a name most Americans have never heard of.  al-Adnani is considered to be, according to NBC news, the author of an ongoing marketing campaign which resulted in 500 deaths in global attacks since October 10, 2015.  al-Adnani is credited with inspiring the killings in San Bernadino last December and initiated a call to violence during Ramadan leading Omar Mateen to kill 50 people in Orlando over the weekend.
ISIS’s strategies to gain loyal followers is indeed working- Bangladesh has detained over 5,000 individuals attempting to counter extreme violent acts in that country.  Israeli authorities are still investigating the previous week’s attacks in Tel Aviv which killed four people and injured sixteen.  Additionally, suicide bombers struck in a Damascus suburb on Saturday killing twenty and injuring over a dozen people.
ISIS claimed responsibility for all of these acts of violence and terrorism.
The Islamic State is in crisis in Syria.  Sources say ISIS is losing ground in three of their core areas: Northern Aleppo province, Raqqa, and Deir el Zour.  This is detrimental to ISIS since these groups are vital to supplying a steady flow of money, fighters and supplies.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Libyan forces are quickly advancing on Islamic State forces in that area as well.
Joining in the fight against terrorism, “cybermissionaries” are reaching people in countries where missionaries are not able to enter into, work or live.  Online ministries are reaching areas across Europe and into more secular nations like Japan.  Additionally, Muslims world-wide are being taught the message of Christ.

Global Media Outreach has shared the gospel 1.5 billion times and boast of 167 salvations in the previous 12 years.  They reach thousands of Muslims annually with the gospel of Christ.  The Holy Spirit is using many ministries such as this to reach people via the internet in areas that were previously unreachable.

Prayer in encouraged by all to reach the lost for Christ and is vital to the attack on terrorism.  God can do the supernatural.

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