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I Love You For Richer Or Poorer… Or Until Debt Do Us Part

When we said our marriage vows, we vowed to stay together for richer or poorer.  It is easy to stay married when things are stable financially: the bills are paid, needs are met, and there is a little left over “just in case”.  Life is always easier when there is money in the bank, and when you don’t have to count every penny.

However, life does have its ups and downs.  A marriage shouldn’t be dependent on how much money is in the bank.  You should love your spouse in times of prosperity, and be by their side when things are lean.  Your love should not be conditional, nor should it be superficial.

To say that a union can survive on “love” is unrealistic.  Many young people enter into a marriage starry-eyed believing that they can make it because they love each other.  Yet they have no idea what it costs to maintain a household, nor how much debt can put a strain on their relationship.

Debt is one of the leading marriage busters, and is in one of the top reasons cited for divorce.  It is something couples discuss angrily when there isn’t enough cash flow, or when spending becomes out of control.  The added pressures of meeting monthly/weekly financial obligations can become overwhelming… so much so that many marriages simply cannot stand the pressure and collapse.

Our January issue deals with the myth that a marriage can survive without financial stability.  It will discuss what debt does to a marriage, and why many marriages dissolve under the weight of financial strain.  It will also talk about how to get your finances back in order- both in the natural and spiritual- so that your family can breath a little bit easier once again.

Our next issue is released on December 27, 2016!


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