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Prophet Muhammad Pakistani Decendant Turns to Christianity

Peace Turned to Panic Once Ali Sayed Husnain Shah Returned Home

Ali Sayed Husnain Shah (not real name) is the Pakistani descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.  Ali was nearly stabbed to death by radical Muslims and brought back to life by Jesus Christ.

Ali has released a new book entitled, The Cost: My Life On a Terrorist Hit List, which outlines the life-threatening extremism that he lived in and escaped from while on the run.

Ali Sayed Husnain Shah was born into a prominent Shia Muslim family with a direct genealogical connection to Muhammad.  He grew up in one of the most prestigious Islamic famlies in Lahore.

His life forever changed when at the age of fifteen he visited his aunt in England whom he later discovered was a Christian.  This discovery angered the young man, as he thought to himself that if God were truly so powerful, why couldn’t he allow Christianity in Pakistan?

In a search for the truth, he turned to the Bible, went to church, and talked to the pastor.  Answers soon came giving him peace.  However, that peace would soon turn to terror when he returned home to a place that persecuted minority religions.

Ali soon found himself on “the hit list”.

Learn more about this incredible story of fighting for one’s life, miracles, and the love of Christ in our May issue of Faith Filled Family coming out on Tuesday, April 26th.



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