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Antidote to Discouragement and Defeat Is At Your Fingertips

The Bible is our source of strength and encouragement for attaining daily victory.  It acts as our guide, and a time of refreshing through scripture.

Yet why is it when we feel tired, defeated, or discouraged, do we not turn to scripture?  We made every excuse imaginable to NOT turn to our source for victory.  Satan puts the thought of “why try” into our minds.  He convinces us that if God didn’t answer your prayer, He never will.  All this does is to perpetuated the cycle of defeat until you are far away from God.

Turning from God and not reading your Bible guarantees a defeat.  Our Bibles are our source of victory, because in them, we hear God and His voice.  It is His voice that gives us strength, hope, joy and peace over all situations.  He will speak to you through His Word if we just listen.  He hasn’t forgotten you- you are His child.  He will never abandon you.

This issue will teach you the most powerful tools in attaining victory in all circumstances is your Bible, and your voice.  Your voice is a powerful tool used for prayer, edification, preaching the gospel, and worship.  We will instruct you on how to pray effectively… even when you don’t know how to pray or what to say over the situation.

It will teach you how to pray with conviction even if  you feel weak, and how to ask God for strength.

Turn what was designed for defeat into a victory- YOUR VICTORY!  Read our August edition coming out on July 26th.

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